The Tantra Experience -
Intro Weekend for Singles & Adventurous Couples

Leslie has this amazing ability to get people to bypass their limbic brains- their fear, their discomfort, their freeze and embarrassment. Her humor, spontaneity, and unabashed enthusiasm for the subject matter allow her to get under people’s defenses before they know what’s happening. She turns the collective control/shame mechanism on its side; jedi-ninja-ing her way into people’s hearts, guiding them to release into authenticity and unconditional positive regard for one another.

I walked away from my weekend completely re-inspired by humanity and turned on with new possibility. I received SO much needed love from the group, and fell in love with myself deeper than ever before.

The people attracted to Ritual Tantra truly are some of the most emotionally courageous, intelligent, beauty-filled groups I’ve encountered. Leslie really knows how to guide the energy of the group - she builds up the charge, keeping us engaged and on our edge, then dives us into the deep, holding an immensely gentle container of presence.

She’s an expert seducer, which would be a little dangerous if it weren’t for that she is 100% aligned with her divine purpose, completely devoted to serving humanity and her mission of helping people step into their awakened sexuality. She is love in action and it is a marvel to watch and receive!
— Kanna Angel, Tantric Healer