I just completed my first Tantra Experience weekend workshop with Leslie. There are not enough words to describe this incredible experience! Leslie created a beautiful, safe container for all of us to play and transform deep places within ourselves. I cannot believe how much lighter I feel from the experience! Leslie is an authentic healer and leader. I can’t wait to do another workshop with her again. :)
— NJ
Ritual Tantra has helped me embrace the full yumminess of life. To see the sacred even in the dark, difficult parts of life. To integrate my sensuality into who I am all the time. It’s given me a taste of the deep soulful connection I’ve always longed for in physical intimacy. And it’s opened me up to another way I can bring healing into the world.

Everyone! Everyone needs this healing and this joy in their lives! But especially people who are ready to be open and vulnerable and courageous enough to do deep healing work.
— Alisa
Thank you, Leslie, for creating the space for all of us to feel that it was truly okay to be ourselves, flawed and beautiful as we all are. The Tantra Experience weekend was filled with opportunities to explore so many aspects of ourselves — sensual, sexual, playful, animal, fierce. I am so thrilled that I could join everybody in this journey. My heart is full and my soul is calm. You crushed it!
— Denise P.