Reclaiming Sexuality from Shame

Hi Saucy Souls, today I’m bringing a topic that is actually amazingly exciting and empowering...

--->> SEXUAL SHAME <<---

Ughhh... don't remind me!! What's empowering about that??

Well, if we are honest with ourselves, we all carry sexual shame in one form or another, and nobody but US can choose to do something about it.

I'm constantly hearing from people about how SHAME shows up in their lives to rob them of the kind of outrageous pleasure and unlimited vitality that is available to them. They know that there is more that is possible for them, but they don't know how to get there.

They may feel:
"My sexuality is TOO MUCH, it's inappropriate, and people will judge me for being too expressive."

"I'm NOT ENOUGH for others, no matter how much I try to live up to society's standards, I'll always fall short."

"If I show others my REAL DESIRE it will inevitably cause HARM to them, won't it?"

"Even though I no longer BELIEVE the religious propaganda I was raised with, it somehow still haunts me..

"I don't DESERVE PLEASURE, no one sees me as a sexual being anyways.."

"Nothing can ever change."

Sound familiar??

Frankly, I've made it part of my life's mission to help people put those old fears and outdated belief systems to rest, and let their wild ravishing desire out of that sad ol' bag.

Can we all agree on something, there's nothing WRONG with sexual energy, we just need to use it WISELY. Connecting our

🔥 Desire & Passion & Fire 🔥

with our

✨💗 Hearts & Spirits & Being 💗✨

After all, our sexual energy is our freaking LIFE FORCE!! Not only is it about sexual connection, but it's the juice that drives us in life, our mojo, the spring in our step, people.

What could be more important to align all that powerful goodness with other than the force of LOVE??

Once we are ready to face the shadows of shame, and look inside to see the blocks we are carrying then almost immediately we begin to bring movement and breath and flow back into those dark places.

The ice begins to thaw.

We bring ACCEPTANCE and COMPASSION to ourselves.

Where there was constriction and fear, suddenly a warmth and a spreading energy begins to move through us, and we discover all the juiciness that can be ours..

We feel emboldened to stand taller, allow that lingering eye contact, and embrace this desire coursing through our miraculous animal bodies.

As we move through sexual shame, we have the freedom to truly celebrate this unbelievable existence living through us, full spectrum, in vivid, audacious color..

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As much as we need to love and accept ourselves, the magic of transformation truly happens in COMMUNITY, where we can be witnessed and reflected, cheered on in our victories and supported in our fears.

That's why I'm soo looking forward to the Tantra Experience weekend on March 16-17th, Joshua Hathaway and I are cooking up the perfect playground for slashing and burning limiting beliefs, tossing aside constricted bodily structures and MAKING ROOM FOR THE NEW YOU that is ready to blossom!

live shamelessly,

p.s. click HERE to watch the VIDEO of me and Joshua chatting about Reclaiming Sexuality from Shame

Leslie Grace