God I love Sex Coaching..

God, I love sex coaching. I’m like an erotic adaptogen.

I get to be wildly compassionate, radically playful, and get to use every marvelously profound trick up my sleeve.

People come to me with ALL kinds of challenges around their sexuality: Difficulty expressing their desires, overwhelming shame, energetic misalignments within themselves or with a partner, virginity at an advanced age, lack of desire, pain or numbness, reaching orgasm too soon or not at all, wanting a new dimension of more fulfilling intimacy with their partner, the list goes on and on and on..

There are endless causes for these challenges but the solution seems to always involve bringing them into greater connection with who they really are and what they really feel.

I generally find it extremely difficult to talk about what I do and how I do it, partially because of the sensitive subject matter and partially because there’s absolutely no formula to the witchy alchemical genius that is required most of the time.

Each session takes *every ounce* of my creativity, my attunement and my embodiment to make changes through a wide variety of pathways..

Just for this last 90min session today my therapeutic toolset with a new client included guided meditation, Hakomi (somatic therapy), cuddling with hair stroking, amateur chi nei tsang style energy work, dancing & sounding, as well as holding and swaddling the client’s inner infant which merged directly into fully-clothed ecstatic primal erotic activation complete with hair pulling and pinning my wrists to the mattress.

In my estimation, it was a great start to our work together. 😉

(Seriously though, I am fairly confident it will change his life..)

It is beyond an honor that people so immediately trust me with these most intimate aspects of their lives, and that I get to help them SHIFT THINGS in such a deep way!

Feeling BLESSED.


Leslie Grace