The More Sexy World We Know is Possible

May Alabama learn there are many
pathways to divine revelation..


If there is one thing I pray for in all this,

it is that people see even more clearly and painfully how our sexuality has repeatedly been

     controlled by the powers that be...

... that they get angry enough and sober enough,

and see all the ways we have been playing into that narrative and holding ourselves back,

the antiquated claws of guilt still hanging so heavy around our necks.

>> May it gloriously launch the pendulum back the other way into

     "Enough is enough, this is my precious body and wild sensual being!!"

>> May new life burst through the cracks in the pavement,

those of us with bright glowing hearts and eyes that behold beauty vowing to dance fully and vibrantly,

being a living invitation with our words and deeds for others to follow suit.

>> May we stop struggling with the Right, but just gently shake our heads and slowly and methodically seduce them into the vision of The More Sexy World we Know is Possible.

>> May they come to know the JOY that we know, the orgasmic intensity, the wondrous SURRENDER to a far greater power.

>> May rip roaring self-expression with colorful streaks of vibrant, juicy desire overcome even the most dreary of dinosaurs.

>> May their dried and pursed lips of disdain open into great heaving sighs of pleasure as the holy spirit enters them at last.




1. Love will Prevail
2. Desire will continue its Creation
3. We are tending towards a greater and greater Beauty

All in time.

Go forth and be sexy, dear ones.
~Leslie Grace

Leslie Grace