The Wisdom & Beauty of Living Broken-Hearted

Welcome to a fresh new start Beloveds...

What a wild last year it has been for many of us!

As much as we all want to be "growing toward the light" and"becoming a better version of ourselves", in this dark phase of the year it feels so vital to welcome in the truth of our shadows as well, to befriend them and to find out what gifts they have for us.

This year I personally have learned so much about how I face adversity, the places in myself that just want to collapse and hide, as well as the persistent positivity that carries me forward with the question: 

"What can I learn from this??"

It seems that many of us are recognizing the futility of always trying to "get it all right", to putting on the happy face, and constantly trying to upkeep our cheerful public image.

How exhausting!

Instead, there's this deep longing I have heard rumbling in the community for the dropping of all these pretenses, all the efforting, and instead just getting to be more of who we *actually* are, and being loved for exactly that.

Our ego wants everything to be just so, but our WHOLENESS has room for all the ups and downs, our fears and imperfections.

I hope you'll take a moment to check out my video HERE about what it means to COME HOME TO OURSELVES, and to welcome a way of being that is cracked open, more real, and more raw than before.

To face life with the wisdom of the "broken heart" we must acknowledge the suffering of this world in peril, and grasp the truth of our own mortality. In doing so, we gain a clarity and sobriety with which to stop and look around us for once at the ineffable beauty of our existence, painful though it may be.

This is what true Tantra is really about.

Empty handed, we are forced to let go of a certain level of trying to get what we think we want, and instead letting our life's circumstances open us and shape us in a direction we couldn't previously have imagined.

While we may go through challenge kicking and screaming, it ultimately deepens and widens us to be more of ourselves, more loving and compassionate, and with an appreciation for the never-ending flow of life and all its twists and turns.

This capacity to learn and grow through adversity is so very needed both in our own lives, and within any relationship where we find ourselves.

It's generally not a question of IF challenges will arise in relationship, but WHEN!! At that point it's HOW we choose to relate to those challenges that determine the course of our evolution. 

I won't ask what your Word is for 2019, but rather:

How can you stop turning away from the parts of yourself you'd rather hide, and welcome yourself to be more authentic and REAL??

Basically just accept all the light, the dark, the challenge, the triumph, and ye shall flourish. Got it?

with deep bows and great love,

Leslie Grace