We Are All Related

My heart is heavy today with the news of a dear sister, Wendy Rivka Faith having chosen to depart from this plane to end her suffering. Her bright spirit and wise, playful essence brought such a light to the community; she was a healer, yoga teacher, dancer, medicine mama, keeper of the earth wisdom ways, and lover of life. Her memory will be cherished.

It is so hard to believe that such a radiant soul carried within her such difficulty and pain. I have been marveling at the depths of emotion we are all capable of experiencing as we navigate the fantastically challenging transits we are confronted with on this human journey, ready or not.

We are constantly being asked to open wider, to make space in our hearts for the immense suffering both near and far, constantly transmuting so much trauma that lives within our nervous systems, and being stretched to find new meaning to place onto the ever-evolving and endlessly confusing hot-mess of our gorgeous and irreplaceable lives.

I'm (slowly) coming to accept that my life will NEVER be 100% figured out, comfortable, and free of anxiety, fear, self-doubt, or grief. Samsara is what we signed up for, people, this is just the nature of the human experience.

So many reminders have been pouring in lately that there is such wisdom in surrendering to the dark and challenging places, in truly accepting ourselves as we are, broken, imperfect, and simply yearning for love, meaning, and fulfillment.

It bears repeating that we are just not MEANT to do it all alone, we absolutely need each other in these powerful times, even if it means being inconvenient for someone, "needing help," or shattering the illusion that everything is "fine."

If you are really struggling, you don't need to hold it all by yourself, please reach out for support and let us hold you. In communities like these, there is always enough care and tenderness to share.

We are one human family, all related in our suffering, all related in our love.

"Give me strength in this love." - Nessi Gomes

This hauntingly beautiful work of art has enchanted my heart, I hope you enjoy the video as much as I have. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Iiycfiq1Zs

Sending warm hugs to you all.


Leslie Grace