A New Beginning

Hello Beloved Community,

What a whirlwind of feelings and experiences have transpired since I last wrote to you... As you may have learned, our cherished Matt has decided to venture out on his own, stepping down from Ritual Tantra, and out into his own sphere of life. Knowing Matt has been one of the biggest blessings of this incarnation, his role in my unfolding was utterly life-changing, and I couldn't be more in awe of the beauty and magic we've created together. I wish him abundance and joy in all that he does.

*Part* of me unequivocally trusts the bigger Mystery of Life (am I ever fully gonna get this?!), but as I'm sure you can all relate in times of massive change, the shift has not exactly been easy for my tender, human self.

I had gotten so comfortable with "Matt & Leslie" doing it together. Back in late July, though, this little birdie was suddenly pushed out of the nest...

At the 11th hour, we decided it was best for me to lead the sold-out Tantra Experience weekend solo, along with the support of my fabulous friend and assistant Alisa Tantrapol. Despite a few nerves, I rocked it like a boss, and the weekend turned out to be a huge success! A new level of personal empowerment and exuberance flowed through me as those little birdie wings found such victorious metaphorical flight. Ohh, what is this wild ride all about?!

Two months later, just past the Equinox, in this time of 50/50 dark and light, I find myself taking a deep breath and choosing to appreciate the beauty in the upheaval, the priceless treasure in the not-knowing.

I am just beginning to glimpse the open, glittering promise of what will come next..

It's true, things will never be the same, and oh I am soooo curious about what they will be!


I am truly blessed with the privilege of sharing my passion and love for these teachings with such an inspired and warm community. Ritual Tantra will continue offering many of the same classes and events that you have come to love, both those facilitated by yours truly and as new collaborations with other wonderful educators who I'm eager to introduce you to.

(I'm guessing things might get a little spicier around here, too, so look forward to some potentially edgier offerings for an "advanced" crowd.)

I would LOVE to know what you're excited to learn about or what kind of experiences you'd be delighted for me to craft for your enjoyment and inspiration.. so comment below with your wish list!


There's already a few favorites in the works, an evening class on the art of Tantric Lovemaking is happening Oct 22nd, for Singles and Couples of all genders.

Also, back by popular demand is The Tantra Experience weekend Dec 1st and 2nd, for Singles and Adventurous Couples. Limited Early Bird tickets available now. :)

As always, I'm available for Private Coaching and Tantric healing bodywork sessions for individuals and couples, you can visit my website (www.lesliegracetantra.com) about booking a free consultation call to learn more.

Onward, dear souls!

with love and gratitude,
Leslie Grace

Leslie Grace