The More Sexy World We Know is Possible

May Alabama learn there are many
pathways to divine revelation..


If there is one thing I pray for in all this,

it is that people see even more clearly and painfully how our sexuality has repeatedly been

     controlled by the powers that be...

... that they get angry enough and sober enough,

and see all the ways we have been playing into that narrative and holding ourselves back,

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Leslie Grace
How to Talk to your Conservative Parents about Abortion

** I wrote this letter to my conservative, Republican-voting parents on the morning of May 17th, 2019 shortly after Alabama passed their anti-abortion bill. I seek to be a voice of reason and hope within these dark times, and wish that this letter might help you find the words for your own family about such matters. **

Hi Parents,

If you’ve seen the news at all, you know that Alabama has passed a law banning abortions even in cases of rape and incest, with other states following suit. 

Personally I’m woefully perplexed that other people who don’t know me might think it’s a great idea to force me to carry a rapist’s baby in my body and then raise it as a single mom, forever changing the course of my life. 

Would either of you actually want to watch me go through that? 

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Leslie Grace
Reclaiming Sexuality from Shame

Hi Saucy Souls, today I’m bringing a topic that is actually amazingly exciting and empowering...

--->> SEXUAL SHAME <<---

Ughhh... don't remind me!! What's empowering about that??

Well, if we are honest with ourselves, we all carry sexual shame in one form or another, and nobody but US can choose to do something about it.

I'm constantly hearing from people about how SHAME shows up in their lives to rob them of the kind of outrageous pleasure and unlimited vitality that is available to them. They know that there is more that is possible for them, but they don't know how to get there.

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Leslie Grace
The Wisdom & Beauty of Living Broken-Hearted

Welcome to a fresh new start Beloveds...
What a wild last year it has been for many of us!

As much as we all want to be "growing toward the light" and"becoming a better version of ourselves", in this dark phase of the year it feels so vital to welcome in the truth of our shadows as well, to befriend them and to find out what gifts they have for us.

This year I personally have learned so much about how I face adversity, the places in myself that just want to collapse and hide, as well as the persistent positivity that carries me forward with the question: 

"What can I learn from this??"

It seems that many of us are recognizing the futility of always trying to "get it all right", to putting on the happy face, and constantly trying to upkeep our cheerful public image.

How exhausting!

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Leslie Grace
That's when I fell in love..

I remember years ago when I signed up for my first weeklong Tantra workshop, I found this whole world of authentic expression, sensual embodiment, playfulness, emotional vulnerability and soul-filled presence that I honestly didn't even know was out there.

Compared with the conventional way that I had been approaching sex and intimacy, and the kind of shame-inducing upbringing I had around that stuff, Tantra was such an unbelievably refreshing change of pace...

This way of being in the world, so open, deeply feeling, playful and alive, felt so right to me, so beautiful, so true, and frankly quite MAGICAL!

I was blown away by the quality of these new and captivating connections I was having with those around me. It felt like a totally different dimension of relating, and I felt like I had hit the jackpot to have found my tribe.

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Leslie Grace
We Are All Related

My heart is heavy today with the news of a dear sister, Wendy Rivka Faith having chosen to depart from this plane to end her suffering. Her bright spirit and wise, playful essence brought such a light to the community; she was a healer, yoga teacher, dancer, medicine mama, keeper of the earth wisdom ways, and lover of life. Her memory will be cherished.

It is so hard to believe that such a radiant soul carried within her such difficulty and pain. I have been marveling at the depths of emotion we are all capable of experiencing as we navigate the fantastically challenging transits we are confronted with on this human journey, ready or not.

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Leslie Grace